Top 3 Indian Ads of the Week

Top 3 Indian Ads of the Week

At the point when the whole country was absorbed the soul of patriotism, imaginative organizations and brands additionally met up to give us an ‘energetic treat’. They moved us with their stories, delightful “enthusiastic” tunes and so forth. Here are our picks from the Independence Day Extravaganza that we truly delighted in.

Happy Birthday India

What truly passed us over was the relationship Start innovative group has built up in the middle of birthday and Independence festivities. Rather than utilizing the run of the mill opportunity contender and military stories, they absorbed us the Independence Day hues with this basic commercial and we adored all of it.

Oyo’s #Azaadi4Me

The way OYO Rooms paid a great tribute to Independent India with ‘JAI HIND’, highlighting Manoj Bajpai and Raveena Tandon. The film took us back to the deplorable ‘English Raj’ period in a heart-twisting manner and in this manner, forced each Indian to stop for a minute to say thanks to God for being conceived in ‘free India’.

A Tribute to the Real Heroes of India

Our Independence Day gathering would have been deficient without this one. This ThumsUp TVC took us the through a fighter’s life. Not that we are not mindful of the hardships and penances they make for our and country’s prosperity, yet no other brand has done this ever before in a captivating path like this. You get the chance to see whole India—from North to South—in this film. On the off chance that you haven’t seen it yet, then kindly do it

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