6 life lessons from Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s MANJHI

6 life lessons from Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s MANJHI that’ll leave you inspired


In some cases movies show us more about reality and MANJHI is doubtlessly one of them. As you may be mindful, it’s in view of a genuine story of Dashrath Manjhi, who actually broke a mountain to make a way which abbreviated go between the Atri and Wazirganj squares of Gaya town from 55 km to 15 km. In spite of the fact that it does get long winded on occasion, there are numerous life lessons in the film, which we all can take after. Here, we present to you 5 such lessons. What’s more, no doubt, these may contain spoilers. So read at your own particular danger.

Clarity of objective(s)

In MANJHI, Nawazuddin’s objective is altered. He needs to break that mountain to make a street. So regardless of what happens, if your objective is altered and clear, it makes life much less demanding furthermore helps in drawing out the best in you.

Try not to surrender mentality

In the film, while Nawaz is chomped by a snake on his right leg’s thumb. He doesn’t take much time in cutting it off and is in huge torment. It shows to accomplish in life you once in a while need to give up.


Life does get extreme once in a while however you must be resolved to conquer the troubles. In MANJHI, Nawazuddin even overcomes off a dry spell to accomplish his objective.


In life you need to relinquish things which you truly love for something greater and better. Manjhi relinquishes his kids to proceed with his enthusiasm of breaking the mountain.


It’s essential to have a main impetus in you, something which helps you move advances. For Manjhi’s situation, the inspiration was the adoration for his wife.

Changing over challenges into circumstances

Manjhi was the ideal sample of changing over afflictions into circumstances. After his wife’s demise (which happened in light of the fact that she couldn’t be taken to the healing center on time in view of a mountain), he took it upon himself to make a street by breaking the mountain. The street in the end ended up being gainful for quite a few people.

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