This American Dude Perfectly Sums up Life in India

This American Dude Perfectly Sums up Life in India in His Cartoons

Jeff Lewonczyk, a New York-based craftsman, set out to Mumbai, Bengaluru, and New Delhi and chose to draw one toon for each of his 14 days in the nation. He arrived to visit the workplaces of this organization, Ketchum. Never having voyage alone on a worldwide excursion some time recently, he chose to set aside a few minutes here to draw a toon for each of his encounters in India. “Since, in the event that I would be pushed out of my safe place at any rate, why not turn up the weight?” he wrote in a section for the Medium.

He wound up seeing numerous things that were commonly Indian – the chor bazaar, the various minor organizations growing up all over the place, the vicinity of Bollywood at all times. He additionally saw numerous that helped him to remember home-in New York – the Starbucks bistro, the fear dangers, the activity, disarray, the commotion…

“I drew them first for myself, as a method for honing my observational aptitudes and revering some of my encounters in a manner that would help me better recall my excursion and speak about it with others in a particular manner,” said Jeff in a meeting with one of India’s driving English day by day.

He says his greatest concern was to not annoy individuals. “I would not like to be the Ugly American, coming in and throwing judgements on a society I scarcely comprehend, thus I attempted to be mindful so as to be conscious towards every one of the circumstances I ended up in, restricting my toons to perceptions instead of reactions.”

What it brought about was an extremely bright arrangement of representations, as vivid as India, by a to some degree diverted nonnative. “India is an astounding spot and it can deal with far crazier stuff than me - both the genuine and the represented renditions,” he wrote in the Medium


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