The Easier Way and The Tougher Way

The Easier Way and The Tougher Way

Once there was a warbler singing in the timberland. A man dropped by with a case brimming with worms. The songbird halted him and asked, ‘What do you have in the case and where are you going?” The rancher answered that the crate contained worms and that he was heading off to the business sector to exchange them for a few quills. The warbler said, ‘I have numerous plumes. I will cull one and offer it to you in return for worms. That will spare me searching for sustenance.’ The agriculturist gave the worms to the songbird and the warbler culled a quill and gave it consequently. The following day the same thing happened, and the following day, unendingly until a day came when the warbler had no more plumes. Presently the warbler couldn’t fly and chase for worms. It looked terrible and didn’t have even the quality to sing. A fox dropped by and ate up the songbird.

Allurement is an unavoidable truth. It is all around. No one is truly solid even with enticement. We know the first people fizzled the test. Like the monkey and flies we are attracted by the aroma of the sweet. It whispers to us, “It’s alright, don’t stress!” “Attempt it just once. It isn’t so much that terrible in any case.” “Go ahead, everyone is doing it.” “No one will now.” Temptation is heavenly on the grounds that it is dependably sugar-covered with a guarantee of joy. Be that as it may, we must be cautious and watchful to check where it is driving us, keeping in mind that we endure what happened to the flying creature in the story.

Quote: “Each vanquishing enticement speaks to another store of good vitality. Each trial continued and weathered in the right soul makes a spirit nobler and more grounded than it was some time recently.” – William Butler Yeats

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