Why did Gandhari blindfold herself

Why did Gandhari blindfold herself?

On the off chance that this inquiry were represented, the most widely recognized answer would be: that Gandhari’s affection for her spouse combined with her feeling of penance, or at the end of the day, her sympathy for him, to feel one as him, to be in his shoes, was what made her pick that amazing step…

Yet, here’s another fascinating hypothesis:

In a discussion on this theme on Quora, one member cited Irawati Karve to deliver another viewpoint:

As indicated by Karve, obviously, Gandhari’s demonstration of blindfolding had nothing to do with either yield or adoration. It was a remarkable inverse, really, as per her.

Karwe says Gandhari had a place with Gandhar, or present-day Afghanistan. At the end of the day, she was as far from Hastinapur as one could envision. To aggravate matters, she was not told that her imminent man of the hour was visually impaired.

Hence, she was stunned to learn of his visual deficiency after marriage.

In this manner, her choosing to blindfold herself was a greater amount of a demonstration of resistance than dedication. She pledged that she would end the principle motivation behind why Dhritarashtra had hitched her – to make her go about as his aide and buddy without his vision. In this way, truth be told, it was a move to pounish him as opposed to herself.

Obviously, you could likewise portray it as the notorious removing one’s nose to hate one’s face!

What do you think? If it’s not too much trouble share your views…meanhile, watch the scene from your telly form of Mahabharat where Gandhari chooses to blindfold herself…

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