Barbarika – The unsung soldier of Mahabharata

Barbarika – The unsung soldier of Mahabharata

Barbarika (बर्बरीक) was the child of Ghatotkacha (घटोत्कच) and grandson of Bhima. Each time somebody let me know about Barbarika being grandson of Bhima , i use to get befuddled that why Bhima have grandson so early. I read about it and discovered that in Rakshas (Demon – राक्षस) faction the kid achieve adulthood inside of brief time of time. What’s more, since mother of ghatotkacha was Hidimba, a rakshasi(female devil – राक्षसी) , he got her qualities and experienced childhood in short compass of time. The same case being with his child Barbarika.

At the point when Barbarika heard the news of start of the immense war , he chose to take an interest in the war. When he came to kurushetra (the front line of mahabharata) Krishna asked him how long would he take to complete mahabharata. He answered one hour.

” But u have just 3 bolts , are they enough to complete the war ” Krishna asked. “My Lord I require just three bolts , one for enquiring the field , second to alter the position of target and third to kill the adversaries” answered Barbarika. To test his case Krisha requesting that he tie every one of the leaves of a tree of peepal (holy fig). Barbarika took our one bolt , set it on his bow and began droning mantra, in the mean time Krishna broke on leaf from peepal tree and shroud it underneath his feet. Barbarika terminated his bolt and tied every one of the leaves and the force of his contemplation helped in discovering the shrouded leaf too. The bolt orbited Lord Krishna and fell into his feet.Lord Krishna was all that much inspired and favored him to be most prominent living warrior of his time.

At that point Krishna asked him ” Which side you would battle in the clash of mahabharata “.Barbarika told Krishna that since both sides are just as dear to him , he would battle for losing side.Krishna said ” It wouldn’t be conceivable on the grounds that whichever side u will battle against will be loosing side and thus u can not battle for loosing side “. Understanding the way that it would be impossible for him to battle for loosing side ,since his support will make that side winning side , he chose to withdraw from the war.

Krishna then asked Barbarika “who you thought to be your guru (teacher) “. “You, the incomparable Lord , You are my master “. Krishna requested him to then give gurusdakshina (return blessing to educator), barbarika concurred and said “my master whatever u wish , i will blessing you on the off chance that i can”. Krishna requested his head as an offering , Barbarika in a flash utilized hello there sword and cut his head. Krishna was exceptionally satisfied and said that now you will go to paradise and live there perpetually , yet before that in the event that you can approach me for one wish. Barbarik said ” I wish to see the entire epic clash of Mahabharata, where all the colossal warriors will battle with one another “. Krishna conceded his wish and hanged his head on close by mountain, from where he could see entire fight.

At the point when the skirmish of Mahabharata completed each warrior began gloating and guaranteeing that his valor prompted winning of war. At that point Krishna let them know that Barbarika have seen entire fight so we ought to ask him. Each one came to Barbarika and asked him whose commitment was most extreme in winning the war. ” I have not seen any one else doing anything in this war other than Lord Krishna , and its just him who have done everything “.Hearing this all warriors touched feet of Krishna and got his favors.

“My child Barbarika, you have some other wish ” Asked Krishna. ” After seeing demise of such a large number of close and dear ones of my family, i have no yearning to live in this world, please concede me moksha(salvation). Ruler Krishna allowed him the wish and discharged him from the cycle of death and life.

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