Irrfan on Every Bollywood Party Song

Irrfan on Every Bollywood Party Song

Now that almost everybody has watched Irrfan Khan in the new AIB video, where the team along with Irrfan shows how a typical Bollywood party song is shot and made famous…we are sharing the video again for all those who missed the fun at the time of its release.

The team AIB is back with a bang. After hugely being criticised for the Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh roast (obviously equally or rather more appreciated), the team is back with one of the finest actors in world cinema Irrfan Khan. This video shows a few dialogs saying that Irrfan can do anything, and with this video he just proved that he can literally do anything.

Do not miss to watch it…I am pretty much sure that there would be hardly anybody to dislike it. They have told the reality of Bollywood party songs in a funny way….this team is too good and too hilarious.

A must watch for every movie lover…

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