Singh Is Bling Official Trailer HD 2015

Singh Is Bling Official Trailer HD 2015

Singh is Bling denote the arrival for goodness’ sake Punjabi. There’s Akshay Kumar in turban, and he leaves no chance to break into a move. There’s an outfit cast of turbaned men of diverse shapes and sizes, there’s the mark bhangra foundation score, and the decibel levels are a for the most part higher than regular Hindi movies.


Gracious, hold up, and there’s a lioness. Yes, a scene from the trailer uncovers Kumar strolling up a slop with a lioness on a rope. We’re very shocked he was willing to take his affection for creatures to the following level, and we trust the canine from It’s Entertainment isn’t understanding cleared out.

The trailer of Singh is Bling resembles a progression of jokes fixed together, furthermore gives you an enormous Singh is King aftereffect.

The film takes the group of onlookers around pockets of Punjab, acquainting us with a few characters, including Akshay’s family and his adoration interest, Amy Jackson, who has a flicker and-miss cameo (however in a swimming outfit, no less) in the trailer.

We aren’t recounted much about the story in the three moment long trailer. This is Prabhudeva’s first unique directorial endeavor that isn’t a redo of a past south Indian film. Singh is Bling discharges on 2 October.

Watch the trailer here:


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