Heights of Everything

Heights of Everything….Few people are so extreme that they do everything to their extreme, in other words ‘heights’….

Heights of Fashion:
1. Heights of Fashion ??
Lungi with a zip… 😛

2. Heights of Laziness ??
Asking lift for morning walk

3. Heights of Craziness ??
Get blank paper xerox

4. Heights of Honesty ??
Pregnant woman buying 2 tickets

5. Heights of De-hydration ??
Cow giving milk powder

6. Heights of Hope ??
99 year Old woman going for Rs.295 recharge to get life time incoming

7. Heights of Stupidity ??
Looking thru key hole of a glass door

8. Heights of Suicide attempt ??
A dwarf jumps frm d footpath on d road

9. Heights of Job lessness ??
U reading d whole msg during work..
Just for fun! !! Funny Indian whatsapp jokes !!!

One thought on “Heights of Everything

  1. Graceland

    May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You, for truly you are attempting a selfless contribution and my hope is the organizations for which you are riding use the financial codrbitutions/funns donated to benefit the needs, neccessities of children and ones in question. God’s Speed! Ride within your limits, Be Safe my friend Laura.

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