90s food items that are lost

90s food items that are lost

Those who spent their childhood in the 90’s can remember the food items which have either lost their taste or they are completely vanished from the market. A few brands are still there but they don’t have the same taste as they used to have.

Here are a few of them:

Hajmola: Remember Kapil Dev saying, “Ye baat kuchh hazam nahi huyi”

Big Babol: This and Boom Boom Boomer almost came together in the market.

Pan Pasand:

Lacto King and Lacto Coffee Bite

Gold Spot: One of the first few desi cold drinks

Guru Chela: The khatti meethi goliyan…famous more for its unique photo on wrapper, then its taste

Parle Poppins: It’s still in the market, but not with the same taste 🙁

Uncle Chips: Nowadays, the old classic plain salted wafers are too hard to find….Still remember the ad…”Bole mere lips, I love Uncle Chips”

Parle Kismi Bar: Isko to jitna khao utna hi kam tha

Gol Bubble gum Candies: Ye wali kis kis ko yaad hai…


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