10 pics showing Indians are the masters of jugaad

10 pics showing Indians are the masters of jugaad


Now that everybody in the world knows what jugaad is, let’s see a few funny pictures that showcase how we Indians master the art of jugaad.

The Definition: Jugaad is the Indian way of finding cheaper, easier and more convenient ways of doing costlier, harder and tougher things.

These pics are certainly hilarious but thought provoking that how can we save a lot of money and efforts while doing a lot of our daily chores. It’s not certain that every jugaad works, but that’s why we are masters…we find out another jugaad… 😀

Let’s see 10 such examples that we make you lough out loud.

1. Jugaad for a life jacket…you can now feel a lot safer than before 😛 try it out f you also want to learn swimming..

2. Perfect use of a webcam…why to spend a few bucks for a mirror, when you already spent too much for your laptop… 😛

3. He doesn’t need an AC…something useless is now worth using…

4. This car is a lot safer than ever…wanna try this on some Merc, Audi or Rolce Royce for that matter 😉

5. Pulsar 150 CC…with 500 litres tank 😛 😀

6. why do you need a gas stove, when you have already invested in an electric iron…must be an engineering student..

7. World’s first train with a water cooler AC… 😀

8. Should be a mastermind plumber…

9. AC chilled beer…double the use of an AC..

10. An Indian mother knows how to save money on everything…this time she is saving on travelling 😀

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