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Heights of Everything


Heights of Everything....Few people are so extreme that they do everything to their extreme, in other words 'heights'.... Heights of Fashion: . . 1. Heights of Fashion ?? Lungi with a zip... :P 2. Heights of Laziness ?? Asking lift for morning walk 3. Heights of Craziness ?? Get blank paper xerox 4. Heights of Honesty ?? Pregnant woman buying 2 tickets 5. Heights of De-hydration ?? Cow giving

Heights of Coolness

Heights of coolness: 2 guys coming out of the examination hall with chips and coke in their hands.... 1st guy:which paper was it? 2nd guy: mmmm...I think maths...... 1st guy:(surprisingly) you read the question paper? 2nd guy: No dude... I saw a girl sitting besides me using calculator :D

Heights of Hope

What's the height of hope?? Sitting in the examination hall, holding the question paper in hand And telling yourself "Dude, don't worry.........Exams wil get postponed!"

Heights of flirting

    Girl calls a boy: Girl: Hellllooo baby Boy: Helllloo jaanuu Girl: Subah se koi ata pata nahi....kahan ho... Boy: Arrrre hum to aapki aankhon mein khoye hue hain Girl: Abhi kya kar rahe ho??? Boy: Tumhari photo dekh raha hun, kahin aur man lagta hi nahi.... Girl: Par, maine to tumhe koi pic di hi nahi!!! Boy: Uski kya zaroorat hai